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Anja Scheffers

A Special Acknowledgement To:

Prof. Anja Scheffers, D.Sc.

CERF-JCR Lifetime Member



   Full Professor

Southern Cross University

Lismore, NSW, Australia

  Anja Scheffers, D.Sc., is currently Full Professor at Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW, Australia. Her main area of study is coastal evolution, including sea-level change and marine physical natural hazards. Her research specializes in using sedimentary signatures to decipher long-term records of environmental change from the natural environment. She is particularly interested in processes that shape and modify coastal landscapes over a variety of length and time scales and the coupling and feedback between such processes, their rates, and their relative roles, especially in the contexts of variation in climatic and tectonic influences and in light of changes due to human impact. Dr. Scheffers is also the recipient of the ARC Future Fellowship Award for "Unraveling Western Australia's Stormy Past - A Precisely- Dated Sediment Record of Cyclones over the past 7000 years" and has been awarded multiple research grants from such prestigious entities as the German Research Council, the German Research Foundation, and the Australian Research Council.

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