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Camilo M. Botero

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Camilo M. Botero, Ph.D.

CERF-JCR Lifetime Member


 Camilo M. Botero Lifetime Member-795

  Dr. Botero is an expert in integrated coastal management and tourist beaches. European Ph.D. in Water and Coastal Management (Spain), European M.Sc. in Water and Coastal Management (Portugal), M.Sc. in Ports and Coastal Engineering (Spain), postgraduate course in Public Management (Colombia), UNESCO expert in Tsunami Warning Systems (Hawaii, EEUU), PNUD expert in Multilateral Environmental Agreements (Grenada), European Expert in Marine Spatial Planning (France), and Environmental and Sanitary Engineer (Colombia). He has been a professor in Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay, specializing in such topics as: beach management, environmental impact assessments, coastal and environmental management, and research methods.

  He has been a researcher in marine topics since 1996, focusing recently on beach certification schemes and beach environmental quality. He is a part of several academic networks, such as the Beach Management and Certification Iberoamerican Network (PROPLAYAS) and the Integrated Coastal Management Iberoamerican Network (IBERMAR). Moreover, he is Director of the Coastal Systems Research Group in Colombia, a researcher in Universidad Sergio Arboleda (Colombia), a member of editorial board of 'Revista COSTAS' of UNESCO, and a reviewer of several journals, such as the Journal of Coastal Research, Ocean and Coastal Management, Land Use Planning, Regional Studies in Marine Science, and Marine Pollution Bulletin. He has authored more than 90 publications, including books and scientific articles, given over 90 lectures, and is has advised over 20 undergraduate and master's theses.

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