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Paul S. Kench

A Special Acknowledgement To:

Prof. Dr. Paul S. Kench

CERF-JCR Lifetime Member


 Paul S. Kench CERF-JCR Lifetime Member

   Dean of Science
Department of Earth Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Research Interests:
  Dr. Kench is a coastal geomorphologist interested in coastal hazards and the physical and sedimentary processes that govern the formation and change in coastal landforms at a range of temporal scales. He has worked extensively in tropical coral reef systems and temperate gravel and rock coasts. His active research interests include: the evolution of coral reef islands during the Holocene; island and coastline morphodynamics; reconstructing paleo-ocean pH in the central Pacific over the past 2,500 years using geochemical analysis of coral skeletons; the physical response of coastlines to rising sea levels; and, impacts of sea level change on coastal communities. He has worked extensively through the Pacific and Indian Oceans and has active research collaborations with researchers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, University of Exeter, COAST-LAB at University of Plymouth; ZMT Bremen, University of New South Wales; and Nanyang Technical University.

Selected Recent Publications:

Kench, P.S.; Thompson, D.; Ford, M.R.; Ogawa, H., and McLean, R.F., 2015. Coral islands defy sea-level rise over the past century: Records from a central Pacific atoll. Geology, 43(6), 515-518.
Kench, P.S.; Owen, S.D., and Ford, M.R., 2014. Evidence for Coral Island Formation During Rising Sea Level in the Central Pacific Ocean. Geophysical Research Letters, DOI: 10.1002/2013GL059000.
Perry, C.T.; Kench, P.S.; Smithers, S.G.; Riegl, B.; Yamano, H., and O'Leary, M.J., 2011. Implications of reef ecosystem change for the stability and maintenance of coral reef islands. Global Change Biology, 17(12), 3679-3696.
Kench, P.S.; Smithers, S.G.; McLean, R.F., and Nichol, S.L., 2009. Holocene reef growth in the Maldives: Evidence of a mid-Holocene sea-level highstand in the central Indian Ocean. Geology, 37(5), 455-458.
Kench, P.S.; McLean, R.F., and Nichol, S.L., 2005. New model of reef-island evolution: Maldives, Indian Ocean. Geology, 33(2), 145-148.

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