Ya Ping Wang

A Special Acknowledgement To:

Professor Ya Ping Wang, Ph.D.

CERF-JCR Lifetime Member




MOE Key Laboratory for Coast and Island Development
Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Coast and Island Development
Department of Coastal Ocean Sciences
School of Geography and Oceanography
Nanjing University, China
Telephone: (+)86 25 3597308 (O)
Fax: (+)86 25 3592686
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 We are proud to acknowledge Professor Ya Ping Wang as a Lifetime Member of the Coastal Education and Research Foundation. Professor Wang received his Ph.D. in 2000 from the Institute of Oceanology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with a specialization in marine sediment dynamics. He is now a Professor in the Department of Coastal Ocean Sciences at Nanjing University. His research interests include benthic boundary layer processes, estuarine and coastal morphodynamics, and marine sediment dynamics. Professor Wang has also served as the principal investigator for the following research programs:
  • Monitoring and Development of support system on seabed topographical changes in Pearl River Estuary and Taiwan Shoal.
  • Simulation on the evolution and realignment of North branch, Changjiang Estuary.
  • Physical processes near bottom boundary layer in shallow seas with strong tides and high turbid water.
  • Study and strategy on typical marine hazards of Hainan. Comprehensive Survey and Evaluation Program of Coastal Sea, Hainan Province.
  • Sediment dynamics and associated environment response in intertidal area and estuary.
  • Wave-current dynamic processes and tidal basin system evolution over tidal flats.
  • The estuary evolution by human activity impacts and associated hazards potential analysis.
  • Siltation hazard and strategy on major embayment and estuary.
  • Physical oceanography and marine meteorological survey in Jiangsu coastal sea.
  • Measurement of suspended sediment discharges from the Changjiang estuary using moving ADCPs.


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