Yong-Sik Cho

A Special Acknowledgement To:

Professor Yong-Sik Cho, Ph.D.

CERF-JCR Lifetime Member




   We are proud to acknowledge Professor Yong-Sik Cho as a Lifetime Member of the Coastal Education & Research Foundation. Professor Cho, Yong-Sik received his bachelors and masters degrees from Hanyang University in February 1981 and August 1988 respectively, and his Ph.D. from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Cornell University in January, 1995. The title of the thesis is "Numerical Simulations of Tsunami Propagation and Run-up" (Advisor: Professor Philip L.-F. Liu).

   He had continuously worked at Cornell University as a Post-Doctoral Associate after graduation. From March of 1997, he had been employed as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Sejong University and then moved to Hanyang University in March, 2000. From February 2003 to January 2005, he had served as the Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Hanyang University. Professor Cho has served as the Director of Innovative Global Construction Leader Education Center, a government enterprises sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and the Chair of Graduate Studies of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering since 2006.

   Professor Cho has published 52 journal papers in prominent international journals registered in Science Citation Index such as Coastal Engineering, the Journal of Coastal Research, the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, the Journal of Hydraulic Research, Physics of Fluids, the Journal of Geophysical Research, the Journal of Engineering Mechanics, and Ocean Engineering. He has also published 120 papers in domestic journals and about 360 proceedings in international and domestic conferences. Professor Cho has also registered 8 patents.


Selected Publications:

Kim, Y.-C.; Choi, M., and Cho, Y.-S., 2012. Tsunami hazard area predicted by probability distribution tendency. Journal of Coastal Research, 29(5), 1027-1038.

Cho, Y.-S., 2012. Numerical study for spreading of a pollutant material in coastal environment. Energy Sources, Part A, 34(16), 1459-1470.

Cho, Y.-S.; Kim, T.-K.; Jeong, W.-C., and Ha, T.-M., 2012. Numerical simulation of oil spill in ocean. Journal of Applied Mathematics, 2012, 1-15.


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