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Yoshi Saito

A Special Acknowledgement To:

Dr. Yoshi Saito

CERF-JCR Lifetime Member


Yoshiki Saito 


   We are proud to acknowledge Dr. Yoshiki Saito as a Lifetime Member of the Coastal Education and Research Foundation (CERF). Dr. Saito (D.Sc.) is the Prime Senior Researcher and Leader of the Coastal Sedimentology Research Group for the Institute of Geology and Geoinformation (IGG) at the Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ), AIST. His principle research interests are shallow marine sedimentology, modern sedimentary processes, sequence stratigraphy, strata formation, and human impacts. Current projects that Dr. Saito is working on include deltas in Southeast and East Asia, strata formation, sequence stratigraphy, morphodynamics, and modern sedimentary processes of deltas and incised-valley fills, with close links to sea-level changes, climate changes and human impacts. His credentials also include Leader of the Asian Delta Project (IGG/AIST), Co-Leader of IGCP-475 "Deltas in the Monsoon Asia-Pacific region: DeltaMAP", Leader of CCOP "Integrated Geological Assessment of Deltas in the SE and E Asian region: DelSEA-II" Project, and Leader/Chief Coordinator of JSPS AA Science Platform Program "Mega-Delta Watching in Asia: Networking and Capacity Building.

For more information, please contact Dr. Saito at:


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