Coastal Geomorphology and Geologic Studies

With over 40 years experience, our coastal geology professionals are world renowned for their innovative research and published literature. Dr. Charles W. Finkl, President and Executive Director of CERF, is currently a Certified Professional Geological Scientist (CPGS #6420) and a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSSc #614). Some of the coastal geological services CERF has provided include:

  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Shelf Geomorphology Analysis
  • Sand Search Planning/Guidelines
  • Literature Searches
  • Vibracore Survey Procedures
  • Marine Resource Classification
  • Sand Source/Borrow Area Analysis
  • Sand Ridge Stratigraphy
  • Modern Shelf Processes
  • Morphosedimentary Features
  • Fluvial Sand Investigations
  • Coastal Erosion Interpretation
  • Alternative Sand Sources
  • Co-Founders of the Reconnaissance Offshore Sand Search (ROSS)
  • Sediment Ridge Analysis
  • Experts in Scientific Writing
  • State and Federal Permitting
  • Expert Scientific Review of Current Geologic Data and Reports




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